Anatomy of an Afternoon

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Amazing what a mess just four of my children can make, isn't it?

But at least it's creative chaos. They are all engaged in something that isn't TV, video games or gossip with friends.

This photo is probably the heart of the issue about homeschooling for me. 

I really like my kids. Of course I love them, but I also like them. I like to be near them. To work on projects with them. To know what they're reading and to share a favorite book of mine. To share a good joke, or the world news. To discuss politics, astronomy and garbage trucks. I can't imagine missing all of this with my children.

And so I've been busy lately. And my 50 mm lens isn't working (it's hard for me to be motivated to take pictures w/ my kit lens). 

Life with 13 can be busy. Yesterday just before school, Mordecai threw a little plastic toy at Avi, and she put her tooth all the way through her lip. Thankfully, mouths heal so quickly, nothing other than ice and some love were needed (we've been through this before, and even had teeth go through tongues). Last night we went to a very special Cub Scout meeting (more on that later) and took not only chicken curry, cupcakes and thirteen children, but our cat as well. We didn't even notice until we unloaded at the church, and out came our cat. He must have hopped in while everyone was getting buckled. So far this week we've had: Keepers, a Cub Scout field trip, MOPs, my girls baby sat, Grump  Therapy, our Arrow of Light ceremony, and Jubilee has a doctor's appointment this afternoon.

See, busy.

As for Keepers, it is a group we started ourselves that grew so quickly that in less than a year we now have a north and south Keeper's group. You can check out the link. For  our own group the purpose is a special times set aside to focus on our girls, teach them useful skills, build relationships with them and have fun. To answer your question, Sonya, our older boys work on Scout stuff, and we have a friend who volunteers to watch all the little ones.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
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9 thoughts on “Anatomy of an Afternoon”

  1. You know what struck me about this photo? I seriously thought, “And these are her BIG kids who made this mess!” I know my guys (who are still pretty little) can easily make quite a mess in a room in a very short amount of time, but I didn’t know older ones were just as capable. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I like how you expressed the fact that not only do you love your kids, you also like them. I couldn’t agree more! That’s exactly how I feel, and exactly why I treasure these homeschooling years so very much. Thanks for expressing it so well!

  2. You inspire me with the no TV. My husband deployed 4.5 mo ago and right after he left, our DVD player stopped working. We dont have cable or any channels at all but we do have DVDs. I let the kids keep watching their signing videos and french videos on my computer. The laptop will freeze up for some reason at 40 min… Just long enough for signing time and muzzy french! We havent watched a movie other than those in months… And we do not suffer one bit for it. I would be happy without DVDs and clearly the kids are fine, no complaints.

  3. How do you keep the math baskets and stuff that you put together for your kids to do, together. I have tried on many occasions to have the manipulatives for math and such laying around for my children, the problem is that the 2 and 3 year olds get in them and walk around with them and end up loosing pieces, etc.

  4. this is what my house looks like regularly…i homeschool three of my 4…and it always looks like a tornado went through…and usually it WAS a tornado, one named izzy!

  5. I have been reading your blog for a long time but have never felt so compelled to comment until now. What stuck out to me is that you “like” your kids. Lately I have been surrounded by people who “can’t wait til the kids go to school, sleep, Grandma’s, whatever…” They think I am crazy for wanting such a large family and homeschooling them all. But I “like” my kids too and it is so nice to read about your family every day and know that even though we are thousands of miles apart, I am not alone!

  6. Yes, this is so normal. This is our typical livingroom condition around here as there’s always something in progress. But the cool thing is that it’s neat how things can be whipped into order in 5 minutes flat if needed….okay maybe ten minutes but many hands do make work light!
    I truly enjoy your blog and seeing the dailies of your family life. It’s encouraging in so many ways, teaching, nurturing, organization… Thank you so much!

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