Arrow of Light {Webelos}

Boaz earns his Arrow of Light in Webelos

Chuck and Boaz (14)

Thursday night our three oldest boys were awarded the highest honor they could receive in Cub Scouts, the Webelos Arrow of Light. This award means that in addition to achieving their Webelos rank, they also completed eight activity badges, participated in conservation projects, went on hikes and an overnight camp out, attended a Boy Scout meeting (to check out the troop) and more. None of this was easy for Ezra and Boaz, who started Webelos later than the other boys and had the cultural and language barriers to overcome as well. We are so very proud of them. And proud of Judah, who really focused and worked to earn every single Webelos badge there was to earn.  Tonight they will crossover to Boy Scouts, and tomorrow attend their first meeting as Boy Scouts.

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For the ceremony, Chuck (along with the other Webelo’s parents) made these arrows as keepsakes for the boys (though Chuck was the only parent to have to make multiple arrows). On the far left you see a claw to represent earning the Bobcat, the arrowhead is for  the Arrow of Light, the four pieces of leather you see with beads represent each category of badges, with one bead for each badge earned. Each boy’s arrow is customized according to his own achievements in Webelos.

Webelos Arrow of Light arrows are made by dads for each boy.

Chuck got inspired at the last moment and burned the boy’s names into their arrows.

Thursday was such a neat evening, attending the ceremony. They had a slideshow of the boys (many of the boys started out as Tigers, so there were photos of them as six-year-olds in Cub Scouts!), and a video where each of the boys spoke of their favorite parts of Webelos. Chuck presented the boys with their arrows and the boys presented us with handmade cards saying, thank you, and Arrow of Light pins for the mothers.

I can’t wait to see what their Boy Scout years bring.

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