Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

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The marshmallows turned out wonderfully. They were easy to make and so much better than store bought.   You spread them into a baking dish to let them set up. Then you pull out one giant, 10×13 inch marshmallow.   … Continued

The Return of Meal Plans

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Tilly age 11 In a moment of inspiration, I actually threw together meal plans for this week. I used to do this every weekend and my stress level is tangibly lower when I do. But since I hate cooking and … Continued

The Goodest Mom

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Hezekiah (while eating dinner): Mom, what is this? Me: I don't  know…I just made it up. Hezekiah: Oh. Did you write the recipe down? Me: No. Hezekiah. Oh. Could you please write it down? I really like it. Me: I … Continued

Pumpkin Bread

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This is the most moist, delicious pumpkin bread you'll ever have. I promise. Oh, and I'm sorry, this recipe makes four loaves. What can I say, we, we're a large family. Just wrap the extra in foil and toss in … Continued