Our large family loves LEGO. Chuck and I both grew up creating with LEGO and it is a passion we have passed down to our children. I am definitely an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). I have written about LEGO organizing systems for real families, I have a DIY tutorial for building your own LEGO table, and have written about How to Save Money on LEGO. If you or your kids love LEGO bricks, this is the place for you.

Legos…What Else?

Check out this giant Lego man I scored for Hezkekiah at Goodwill. Not only does it have inherit "cool" factor, but it's also a flashlight. A wind-up flash light at that! Perfect for a six year old Lego fan and bookworm. The very best part? I paid only $.99 for it at Goodwill. Yes, that's …

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Lego Wars

I walked downstairs the other day to put Apollo down for a nap and stumbled unwittingly upon the Lego Wars… Five boys were well-armed and embroiled in a bitter battle…   There were an unknown number of casualties…and it looks like our playroom wall suffered some damage as well…or maybe that was already there because …

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Lego Love

The Lure of Legos is still going strong in our house. Since we’ve begun the Learning With Lego Unit with my younger students, the older children have been drawn to the Lego table more and more.  One of the things we’ve learned about in our study is mosaics.  After watching several videos about some very …

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