Large Family Life

Large family life means multiplying love, laundry, dishes, and groceries. It means planning ahead, learning how to organize a large family, and how to keep clutter to a minimum so you don’t end up on an episode of Hoarders. Here you will learn about:

Charlotte’s Web

Our local theatre hosts a series of educational productions each year. I bought tickets to several, and our first was an hour-long production of Charlotte’s Web. I knew a handful of my fellow homeschooling moms were attending. Hilary and I decided that was enough of a reason to host a party. In preparation, I read …

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Don't you just love them? Especially nine year old boys?   My nine year old boy recently acquired a goldfish from Wal-Mart. When it was purchased he was told if it died within 90 days and he could return it. All he needed was the receipt and the dead fish. Well, yesterday Cream Puff passed …

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