Church Campout 2009

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Chuck and Avi

This was our seventh year attending our church campout. As always, there was a little chaos, a hefty amount of work, and plenty of fun and memories for everyone. Click here to see photos from 2007 and 2008. It's so fun to see how much the children (and our family!) have grown.

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We managed to set a record at the campground, by fitting 22 people into our single family campsite. 

Our church has special arrangements with the campground, where they reserve the entire area for the weekend and the campground allows families to double up. Not only did we double up with Hilary and her family again, but they've aquired three new children since last year's campout. 

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Adrienne and Kalina hamming it up.

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This is my friend Merriann's baby. Does he not have the world's most beautiful eyes? I'd love to get some good shots of him Merriann (you know- without the Cheeto Puffs).

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Avi really like her s'more.

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These stumps provide hours of fun for the children. They are climbed, attacked, used as forts and hidden behind. Such simple pleasures.

It's been fun to see how camping changes for our family over the years. The first time we went camping was the year Mordecai and Jubilee were babies and Enoch and Kalina were one and two. Let's say there were alot of tears and very little sleep.

Then there was the year Avi and Tucker were babies, Hezekiah was one, and Mordecai and Jubilee were three. Same thing.

And finally, this year, no babies, no toddlers. Everyone slept, no one awoke at the crack of dawn. No diapers to contend with or worrying about babies crawling into the fire.

It's getting better all the time…

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