Friday Focus: Avi

adoption, biracial adoption, large family adoption

Oh Avi…such a beautiful girl.

For those of you who are new here, Avi joined our family when she was three days old. It’s an amazing story which I just moved under the Adoption Stories heading (it was originally posted on my old blog).  You may want to take a moment to go read it.adoption, biracial adoption, large family adoption

Avi at seven. She’s beautiful and full of attitude.

She’s clever and has an amazing sense of humor.

adoption, biracial adoption, large family adoptionShe’s a bit of a drama queen and always has been. She’s loud, lively and vivacious.

She loves kittens and books and pie and ice cream.


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11 thoughts on “Friday Focus: Avi”

  1. I love that last picture. She is so lovely! I love photos that give you a little glimpse of what your child will look like as a beautiful woman.

  2. I love Avi’s adoption story. It reminds me of when my wife was on a Pediatrics rotation in Residency. She was caring for an infant whose teenage parents were often just not there. He had been born with a birth defect that meant his intenstines were outside his body. Very fixable with modern medicine, but a very long hospital stay is necessary. And the parents just didn’t the capabilities to manage (after some stern words from CPS they got it together).

    But when I picked up my wife one evening she said to me, ” how fast does it take to get qualified for foster care?” And I was like, “um, well….awhile.” I remain surprised she didn’t spirit that little boy away! I was 3 months pregnant at the time, and frankly relieved that we couldn’t bring him home!

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Your wife is a doctor? I didn’t realize that…it must make Kestrel’s feeding issues even more frustrating! I met a mom at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston who had two babies born with that condition. Two babies (of different ages) isn’t for everyone!

  3. So much fun to see how she has grown. She just looks like she is full of spunk. May God continue to bless her little life and draw her close to Himself.
    BTW, how do you pronounce her name?

  4. lovely photos Renee, no matter what struggles your children ever go through-I maintain that they are so lucky to have a great, supportive family. I have a great mom, and I had some issues growing up. Just basic anxiety stuff that I grew through, but I am grateful I had a good, attentive mom and many siblings to help me. Avi is a lucky girl.

  5. Avi is a stunning girl,and you captured her soul in the last photo.
    I have read and re read her adoption story,and I believe it was just meant to be.You and Chuck were always her parents right from the moment she was conceived.
    My eldest daughter Amber is 7 years of age,turning 8 in December of this year,and is a real fire cracker of a girl.
    I love what you share here on your little space of the web.
    Jess xx

  6. I have been reading your blog for several years and am absolutely in love with Avi. Definitely part of the Avi fan club!

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