Happy Birthday, Mordecai {Ten Years Old}

Ten years ago a baby boy was born in Seattle and placed for adoption. By God’s grace, he was placed in our home four weeks later.

While it’s true that Mordecai struggles every day with the effects of the choices he birth mom made while she was pregnant with him, he is not the sum of those choices. God has a plan for Mordecai, and as him mom, I have the privilege of helping him achieve his dreams.

Mordecai will start fourth grade tomorrow, with plenty of “support” from his intensive learning teacher. He made amazing progress last year and I hope the same will be true this year.

Mordecai loves LEGO, Star Wars (never mind that he’s never seen the movies), pasta, oatmeal, hotdogs, rice, playing sports, listening to music and reading.  And anything, anything, electronic.

And we had a little “help” during our photo shoot.

Can you guess who?

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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mordecai {Ten Years Old}”

  1. Would love to hear about his adoption and your decision that led to it, if it is not too prying. I think you are a positive roll model for adoption.

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