Household Hazards: Avi and the Atom Bomb

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Avi is an early riser, and this morning she was bouncing around my bed at 5AM, kicking the walls, talking, singing, poking, prodding.
I got up at six and we headed to the dining room where Avi occupied herself with a small piece of tape. She stuck it here, there and everywhere. I was only half listening to her  chatter about it being her bandaid when she got slightly more insistent:
“I really do need a band-aid. I really did get cut by something. Like maybe an atom  bomb, or scissors!”
Um, yes, we are still studying WWII, and apparently, some of the information is sticking. And for the record, while we do have scissors we have no atom bombs in the house. Even I draw the line at some projects.
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9 thoughts on “Household Hazards: Avi and the Atom Bomb”

  1. The photo popped up and I started laughing instantly – thanks for the snapshot of “A day in the life of Avi!” Also love how her shirt looks great with the skirt!

  2. that photo is amazing – so great to capture those moments when their personality EXPLODES out of them.
    an atom bomb – hysterical!

  3. Cool Canadian aka TARA

    Avi’s hair is so thick and long! I guess she’s due to give herself another hair cut. 🙂 Love you all, Aunty

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