Weekly Meal Plans {Large Family}

Wow…I haven’t even touched my computer since Friday. It wasn’t a planned “break”. I was just busy with kids and knitting and shopping and cleaning and church and laundry. Chuck has a nasty cold and stayed in bed all weekend. He was supposed to go snow caving with Judah and Enoch for Boy Scouts but the Mountain revolted providing exactly the wrong kind of weather and the boys went on a bike ride instead.

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Kalina and Hezekiah had friends over Sunday afternoon…

I don’t think I ever told the story and about Hezekiah and Taylor. I returned home from Houston just in time (literally- I arrived home at 11:30 the night before) for parent teacher conferences. Hezekiah’s teacher mentioned that he had a playdate with Taylor while I was gone.

“They had a great time!” I said.

“Oh…I was wondering how that would go…” she said slowly in an odd tone. I wondered if the boys had gotten into some kind of a fight at school…what exactly did she mean with that tone? I pondered it all afternoon until it suddenly came to me. She is looking at the situation from the outside…Hezekiah from his Large-Conservative-Christian-Homeschooling background and Taylor whose parents happen to be pierced and tattooed and a bit more into Rock&Roll then Chuck and I are. She had no way of knowing that Karyn and I get along swimmingly and I’ve known her since Taylor was a baby!

Karyn and I got a good chuckle out of that.

Anyway, enough rambling and onto meal plans:

Cheese steaks and potato wedges on sourdough, with a side of salad.

Spicy red beans and rice.

I soak kidney beans over night and turn the crockpot on high in the morning. I saute onions, garlic, green chilis and green peppers. I add these to the beans once they are cooked. For spices I add: taco seasoning, Frank’s RedHot Hot Sauce , 23 oz (680 ml)
 Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, salt and pepper.

Tacos (need I say more?)

Homemade chili and cornbread. 

Chicken alfredo. 

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plans {Large Family}”

  1. Interesting the things that people assume based on looks. We do not go to church, I have piercings (no tattoos, still seeking the right artist) and we we are very different from the christian families we hang with, on the outside it looks crazy! the combos do not look like they would work. When my son was 7 he was a “thug clothes” stage and had a 7″ spiked mohawk, and his best friend did head covering and wore long skirts. One thing I learned about a lot of christian people-they accept me for who I am and do not seek to judge. That makes them wonderful friends and such good examples for Christ. I applaud all of them for that.
    I did want to know though, what is a cheese steak? I often wonder this.

  2. My menu this week:
    chili-topped baked potatoes
    sweet & sour meatballs
    biscuits & gravy, eggs. possible hashbrowns or fried potatoes

    That’s as far as I got, I need at least one more meal. But for snacks I’m planning to make rice crispy treats.

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