Light, Color and Rainbows {Unit Study}

Friday we finished a week-long unit study on light, color, and rainbows. Once again, it was completely exhausting but so worth all the hard work. There was something for everyone in this unit. We read about twenty (really!) books on light and color. Some of the older children, some for the younger. We bent light with a prism (just like Isaac Newton, in the book we just finished) and viewed the color spectrum through a spectroscope (Milestones in Science).

I would guess that the most exciting activity for my little ones was this.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

I whipped up a  huge batch of whipping cream and added a little food coloring. Each child was given a blob of the three primary colors on a cookie sheet and allowed to mix the colors. You should have heard the squeals of surprise and delight as they made new colors. “Mama, Mama, yellow and red make orange!”. They were so excited over their discoveries.

And for those of you who care to follow the saga of Avi and Tucker, here’s a little glimpse of their personalities in whipped cream.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

Careful, precise, artistic Tucker carefully mixing each color.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

And then there’s Avi.  Why bother mixing the colors when you can just dive in and smear whipped cream all over the place?

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

And while all this was going on out on the deck, the older children were using watercolor pencils to make works of art.

Several times over the week, I’ve had my little children say something along the lines of, “Look, Mama, it’s a primary color!” It’s amazing how much even a three or four-year-olds can pick up in a study like this.  For the older children, I focused more on how light affects colors and the scientific aspect of it. One of the best resources we found was Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Light and Color DVD. He explained light and color much better than I could have 🙂

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

Hilary, who was also studying rainbows over at her place, donated the beautiful rainbow poison…oops, I mean jello.

And because we like to do things with a little flair around here, we ended our week with, what else? A Rainbow Party. Complete of course, with rainbow foods (blue and yellow chips, red salsa, green guacamole, rainbow popcorn, rainbow veggies and rainbow fruit salad). And a handful of friends.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

Along with rainbow snacks, we tie-dyed t-shirts.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

We kept the little ones busy with painting in the house.

Light, Color, and Rainbow Unit Study

All in all, another successful homeschooling week.

And now, I think I’ll rest and send my children off to their workbooks.

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  1. This is great! I am working with a small group of kids ages 5-8 and I am searching for models of how to differentiate for everyone while learning about the same topic. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. Do you happen to have a book list that you used?

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