Making Friends

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Jubilee 6, Clara 7

Clara's family goes to our church. I remember when Clara was born, 7 years ago, but her family moved shortly after so her dad could attend seminary down in California. This last year, thoroughly pastored-up, they returned and her dad became an associate pastor at our church. We had them over for dinner one night (Dad, Mom, Clara and her three little brothers) and that is when Jubilee and Clara met.

These two little girls hit it off immediately.  They seek each other out at church as soon as the last prayer is said.

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The funny thing is, the girls look so much alike. When you see them from a distance in church it can be hard to tell them apart. Now both girls are both missing their two front teeth. And you know (pathetic kit lens or not)  I would never miss such a cute photo op. 

Chuck and I also enjoy the company of Clara's parents. Never before have we had a family over and been able to spend two hours passionately discussing dental work. Now that's what I call good friends.

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