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Tilly, Keziah, Megan, Adalia, Alissa and Jasmine

Adalia, my firstborn and former oldest child, turned 13 on February 12.  Chuck and I now have four teenagers (and one we actually made ourselves…how can my first child be a teen?!)

I wanted to do something really special for Adalia's  thirteenth birthday, so she had her first slumber party. The girls set up camp right away downstairs and giggled and whispered until dinner. After dinner Adalia opened her presents and then we had ice cream. There was more giggling until bed time, at which time the girls watched the movie Moondance Alexander, then went to sleep. Seriously, I didn't hear a peep out of them after the movie. I never had to tell them to quiet down or anything. These girls are awesome!!!


Earlier in the day we had a party to celebrate Kalina's eighth birthday. She had four friends over, and they did their share of giggling between cupcakes and present opening.

And I am now officially on "birthday party vacation" until our ten straight months of  birthdays resume again on May fourth.
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  1. Beth

    My baby turned 6 on the 13th and my oldest daughter turned 9 today. I just discovered your blog. We adopted 3 siblings from Liberia in Sept. 2006. Along with our biological children, we have a total of 7. We live in Oregon–not too far from you,I think. We have been so blessed with our adopted children. I’m happy that yours seem to be adapting well.

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