Not Quite Back to School.

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Tucker, age 7. Those eyes melt my heart!

Today is the first day of school for Mordecai (and, incidentally, his eleventh birthday) and Avi. They will begin 5th and 2nd grade at our local elementary school. Both have learning difficulties stemming from their prenatal environment and both have IEP’s.

And today is not the first day of school for the rest of my children. The school room (known around these parts as Study Hall) still sits, ninety percent completed. I still need to buy some school books and do some planning. I’ve been planning all summer to write a This Will Be Our Homeschool Year post, but it hasn’t happened yet. And that’s okay. I’ll post in detail and with photos when we are ready to begin.

Adalia (17) and Judah (16) both begin at the Community College September 25, the  day I leave for the Everybody Plays! photo shoot with Apollo.

We will likely begin school next week. Perhaps a bit later. I like to squeeze every drop out of summer that I can.

Anyone else not quite ready to start school?


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8 thoughts on “Not Quite Back to School.”

  1. Though we started a month ago, I know the feeling. I like to school with the seasons. You have a short summer and need to delay the start of school until the rain begins in earnest. We are still having high nineties and 100+ degree temps. We would be inside much anyway, so why not do school? I like to take our long breaks in spring and fall, when we can enjoy ourselves all day outside. THE BEAUTY OF HOMESCHOOLING!

  2. I am suppose to start today, but we shall see. I am ready and excited! I am waiting on some paperwork for Sam to be able to start school, so I may wait and start every body the same day.

  3. Nope not ready here either! Probably the first year we have not been ready to start the day after Labor Day. I’m as shocked as you. 😉 But hey life with a 2 yr old is um full. And we switched school boards with delayed things. I don’t like change but the switch was necessary. Bless you guys and love you all!

  4. Not ready here either. We just got back from camping and now the house is trashed! School will start next Monday…. maybe.

  5. We usually start the day after Labor day, but I am in the midst of several house projects and I just can’t bring myself to stop painting, call the kids in from the sunshine, and get started. We haven’t even done our annual school supply clearance rack shopping yet. By Monday, for sure;)

  6. I need another week to get back on my feet after our vacation and a big promotion party for my husband (military). The plan is to start next week, get everyone into a good routine, and start getting ready for the baby due next month!

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