Our Liberian Children- Then and Now


 Our referral photo of Keziah, Boaz, Ezra 2007

IMG_6427_4971 blog

Keziah, Boaz and Ezra 2009
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8 thoughts on “Our Liberian Children- Then and Now”

  1. Long time reader/lurker, first time posting.
    I can not believe how much they grew in just two years. They look fabulous!
    23 month old Savvy is pointing at their picture and saying over and over “ha-pee, ha-pee, ha-pee”. (happy, happy, happy)
    I think she is trying to say that the children look happy… and she’s right, they do!
    Kelly from Three Little Jewells

  2. These pictures totally make me tear up. I remember seeing that first picture at the beginning of MOPS that year. They are so beautiful!

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