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Hezekiah, age 5

I've been waiting for a windstorm to blow the leaves off of our trees just so I could capture some beautiful photos with colorful bokeh like this. We're having a bit of an indian summer in these parts, something for which I am oh so thankful. The chilly weather drives me indoors, and I can barely drag myself outside for photos…good thing my Speedlite and I are now friends, otherwise I don't know if I could continue my photography throughout the winter.

I had a few questions about birthdays. We have birthdays for ten months solid in our family (May through February). I consider March and April (our birthday-less months) to be my break for the year. Ironically though, my two brothers' birthdays are in March and April- but they live far, far away (Hi, Neale and David). My birthday is the one in December, so I suppose I could consider than month a break too, if it weren't for that whole Christmas thing going on.

Yes, I get burnt out on birthdays and parties (oops, which I suppose is why Tilly's promised party hasn't materialized yet…and her birthday was in August!) But I want each child to feel special on their day. Some years parties are big, sometimes small. Sometimes they are individual, sometimes combined. Chuck and I feel that each addition to our family is a huge blessing, and love to celebrate and reflect on their life. It's not about a huge party or tons of gifts. It's about the gift they are to our entire family. Each one is treasured for who they are and what they add to our family.

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