curly-haired-toddler-duck-ipsLast night I went to bed not feeling well. Ears ringing, a bit nausious, kinda-sore-throat. This morning I woke up slammed…SLAMMED by a cold. It is not a good day to feel slammed. Apollo has an appointment this morning and Mordecai has his psychiatric evaluation this afternoon. After over a year of waiting, I cannot miss this appointment. Tomorrow Kalina goes to the dentist and Friday my dear friend from Australia, Kylie, arrives  with three of her kids. I had grand plans and lofty goals. I would fill the freezer with meals so Kylie and I wouldn’t have to worry about feeding thirteen kids during the week she is here. Life got busy and I revised my plans: I would shop and cook the day before she arrives. You know, after Kalina’s dentist appointment (that would be  tomorrow, in case you lost track). Plan C? Cook while Kylie is here. Or don’t eat at all. Either one sounds perfect in my drug (cold medicine) induced state.

I hope all is well with you. I hope your towels aren’t molding and you don’t feel half as bad as me.


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8 thoughts on “Slammed”

  1. I know how this feels! See some of my favorite remedies: (1) a hunk of slightly crushed ginger root, honey, and slice of fresh lemon in boiling water (2) fruit tea with honey and lemon and especially (3) Umcka, or Umckaloabo in Germany–prefer the German version of this, personally, but here is the American:
    Hope you feel much better soon.

  2. Here are my two little remedies that I always recommend:

    Umcka–sold at Super Supplements for the cold: amazing stuff and you can use it on kids too to prevent them from getting what you have.

    Oscillococcinum–for the flu symptoms

    Feel better!

  3. Oh, Renee. There’s no good time to be sick but this one sounds worse than usual. Do your best to take care of yourself. Your kids are resourceful. They won’t starve, I’m pretty sure!

  4. I got sick over the weekend. I had a slight cough on Saturday and was full on, spend the day in my jammies and don’t leave the couch sick, on Sunday. Monday I felt slightly better and by Tuesday I was feeling human. Today, other than a yucky cough I’m feeling better. Hopefully yours is the super quick bug like mine!

  5. Your friends will have jetlag for a bit, so they’ll probably never even notice. Australians are pretty laid back too, so you could get away with pretty much anything. You could always do a classic Australian large group meal – the sausage sizzle. BBQ some sausages, put them in bread and squirt on sauce. If you want to be classy, add onions. Really classy, add coleslaw. Cook too many sausages and you have leftovers for breakfast/lunch.

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      They’ve actually been in the US for a bit, so they won’t be jet lagged. I’m not worried about “entertaining” I need to go grocery shopping guests or no guests 🙂

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