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Nothing screams summer like a little Slip-n-Slide action.

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Okay, that's not really true. You see, I grew up in Alaska, where going down a Slip-n-Slide in July would have been torture. While we lived all over Alaska, we never lived in the interior. Therefore, wherever we lived, it was close enough to the ocean for a constant cool (read: chilly) breeze. I could be 82 degrees out, and I'd be sitting in a T-shirt…then the moment a bit of a breeze would kick up, I'd be covered in goose bumps.  I hate goose bumps.

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Did I ever tell you the first place I went when I left home was Hawaii? That I was attending the University of Hawaii Hilo? That there was a fellow student with hair that touched the ground? That the only other Caucasian person living in our apartment building did all of his laundry (in the shared laundry room) in nothing but a towel? A very low riding towel that I was always terrified was going to slip off? Hmm….well now I have. And since I'm on my second cup of coffee and feeling generous, I'll send a little care package to anyone who can guess what I majored in.

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But you see, I'm making sure my children grow up somewhere warm enough to Slip-n-Slide. Somewhere where the wading pool water will actually heat up if you leave it in the sun.

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Someday they'll thank me for that.
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25 thoughts on “Splash!”

  1. Just to be funny, I’ll say Family Studies. But really – how about Journalism? You’re a great writer, Renee!

  2. Carolynn Slocum

    Dental Hygiene!! No really I think sports medicine, Ha Ha I don’t know but those are good choices based on your family.

  3. I LOVE that slip ‘n slide! We made due with a long line of painfully staked-down black garbage sacks when I was little. NOT the same. 😉
    …and… I’m going to guess Asian American studies for your major.

  4. I had no idea… and I live on the Big Island of Hawaii, south Kona. If you ever come back to visit, your family can camp out on our coffee and mac nut farm 🙂 UH has a limited list of possible majors, so I would guess English.

  5. I’m going to guess English, too. Maybe you’ll have to put all of us English major guessers in a hat and draw one of us out randomly.
    Now is that just one slip and slide? Or several stuck together?
    Have fun out there!

  6. I’m going to say you majored in ‘Delighting your family’.
    Slip-n-slides are pure joy. I threw our cat down one once when I was about 9 or so. Totally busted, but my mom told me 20 years later she was laughing as she caught me doing it. Still had to bust me though….lol.

  7. Sociology? You may have told me but I don’t remember so I’m making a wild guess that no one else has said. Love the close up of Kai where the water droplets are captured in the air around his feet. If his right hand was in the frame, it would be something to consider for a “Fun in the Sun” type photo contest or maybe for the folks at the slip & slide factory!

  8. Other things to take to uni,
    Ear plugs, rehydration salts, condoms (yes, I know, but), universal bath and sink plug, single drink flask, external battery for a phone, flash drive, sewing kit, bandaids. Emergency prepaid card.

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I have no idea why this ended up on the wrong post…I’m going to try to move it, then respond.

    2. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      If he wants condoms, he’ll have to get those on his own 🙂 The other suggestions are great. Do you mind re-posting this on today’s blog? I’d love to have that list there for other parents.

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