Sunday Afternoon Fun

Remember my just turned nine year old, who got a firestarter, match holder, survival skills and outdoor adventure books for his birthday?

Take a look at how he spent his Sunday afternoon.

Sewing 2

Sewing himself some camouflage pants, so he can hide from his brothers while they play "spy" or "secret service".  I think he's a little bit proud of his accomplishment. What do you think?

Sewing 2

And as soon as he was done with these, he decided to sew a mask. Now he's hatching plans for a shirt, so he'll be practically invisible in our woods. Not sure how that shirt is going to get accomplished. My sewing skills are only about a week ahead of my children's. In fact, this is the son I was having to have thread my machine when I was learning to sew last year.

Sewing 2.8_0778blog

Tilly sewed herself these absolutely adorable pajama bottoms.  

Sewing 2

And with the leftover material she sewed Hezekiah some pajama bottoms too. Why sew doll clothes when you have brothers this cute?

As I side note, check out the size of Tucker compared to Hezekiah! There is seventeen months difference in age between these two, but you'd never know it by looking. That's why they have such drastically different hair cuts.  
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8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Fun”

  1. Is Tucker actually taller than Hezekiah? It looks like he might be. And Enoch really does need a top since the tye-dye would probably cancel out the camouflage effect!

  2. If you need help, please email me. I can tell you quick and easy directions for a shirt, I truly make everything except our shoes and socks!Okay fine we bought coats, but that was bc they were on sale cheaper than down for coat stuffing! I can give him quick and easy directions, or you. His pants are cute! So are tillys, I like her fabric choice. My 2 are 18 mo apart and just now not wearing same clothes bc she is getting more girly! They are 3 pounds and 2 inchs apart in size, I thought this was bc girls grow fast though! Your two are boys, so it seems different than mine to be so close in size. Seriously email me though if you want some quick tips on shirts.

  3. In college, I had a friend that made his own shorts. Eric caught the fever and sewed his own shorts as well….I was just glad he didn’t ask me to do it. Anyone that sews and actually likes it fills me with awe and amazement. Three cheers from Mrs. Sutherland!!!

  4. Shamefully, I am sitting here tonight, at 35 years of age, and trying to hem a pair of pants for the first time in my life. (Since I am in Canada, not home in Australia, so can’t ask my tailor neighbour or my Mum to do it for me!!). You and your kids should be proud of yourselves. I have received skype instructions from a friend and it is going ok. But pretty messy!!

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