At the Dentist

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Tucker (4) Photo taken on my iphone  Ah, it's that time of year again…time to take my little family to the dentist.  An adventure that always requires at least two days worth of visits. In a family our size, there's … Continued

Keziah Takes the Wheel

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It's official. Keziah (17) is enrolled in Driver's Ed. and has completed her first three classes. That little piece of paper in her hand? Yep, that's her temporary Driver's Permit. Yesterday after getter her permit, Chuck even let her behind … Continued

Pinewood Derby 2010

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I wasn't at the actual derby, since I was away at the ladies retreat, but my friend Bridget was and  took these photos. Thanks, Bridget.   This the the only photo of Mordecai. I guess he was feeling a bit … Continued

Cookie Sales

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Aren't they adorable? Please excuse the photo quality, I took this on my iphone.  The girls have reached goal #1, which was to sell 750 boxes of cookies. They are now over 800 (including 89 donated to soldiers)! These girls … Continued

New Supplies!

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Yesterday I took my older children to a performance of CSI: Live! Since I had no little ones along with me, and since we were just around the corner from the art supply store I've been wanting to check out, … Continued

Knitting for Opus

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I finally, finally went out and picked up some yarn to start a new project for opus. When I bought this skien it looked fairly gender-neutral…but once it was rolled, well it looked far more girly than I anticipated…As a … Continued

Making Music

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  Jubilee (7) with her homemade swizzer-swazzer. Wednesday was our regular School-with-Tami day, and as usual it was wonderful. Despite recovering from a migraine, she worked on the scout music belt loop and academic pen. Wednesday's projects included making their … Continued