Snowy Thanksgiving

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Adalia (14) Even more snow fell on Thanksgiving day, and my children were determined to take advantage of every flake. Triple the fun. Tucker (5) Necessity is the mother of invention, right? Hence the dump-truck-turned-sled. Adalia (14) And sleds-turned-snowboards. Keziah … Continued

And Speaking of Amazing

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Six year old Hezekiah just finished reading The Maze of Bones, book 1 in the 39 Clues series. My older children have all been captivated by these books, eagerly awaiting each book as it came out. You may remember these … Continued

Just A Peek

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into our little school. A Playmobil battle about to commence Thanks for all the great project suggestions. I am looking into several of them. I love the idea of candlemaking…we've never that and we don't have to fake power outages … Continued

Cool Weather, Cool Projects

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Hezekiah (6), chillin' in a tree. I confessed a while back about how much it bothered me that I post Wordless Wednesday posts with a word in the title…after many thoughtful comments, I have switched to One Word Wednesdays…a bit … Continued


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Some times reality is hard. Really hard. I try to keep my blog upbeat and positive for several reasons. First of all, who wants to listen to whining? Especially from a stranger. And second of all, life is what it … Continued

Apollo on the Move

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Apollo, 3 months Oh my, I just love those little lips…don’t you wish you knew what he was thinking? His expressions crack me up. The other children love what he does with his eyebrows. He will raise one at a … Continued

Three Years Ago Today

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  We loaded up in our  van… and drove to the SeaTac Airport to pick up our three new children. Perceptions change and memory fades over time, which is why I am so happy to have this blog. I just … Continued