Ideas for The Office themed party.

The Office Themed Party: Tucker’s 13th Birthday

How to Host a Fun Office-Themed Party

Dunder Mifflin: The Office Party Ideas

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Yes, I know, The Office isn’t exactly appropriate for thirteen-year-olds. Or eight-year-olds. And some episodes aren’t even appropriate for 42-year-olds. Despite that, the kids and I spent the summer evenings from 7 to 8 pm watching The Office. Chuck was working a bazillion hours out of town and I was done by that time in the evening. After The Office came reading out loud to Apollo and (finally) bedtime. This “family bonding time” made Tucker’s choice of an Office-themed birthday party easy.

Warning: if you aren’t a fan (or at least familiar) with The Office, this party probably isn’t going to make a lot of sense to you.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

Decorations for “The Office” Themed Party

We had a ton of fun brainstorming ideas for this easy and fun party. We bought this It Is Your Birthday sign off of Amazon. I was just going to buy the brown and gray balloons locally, but as it turns out, it is hard to find brown balloons (I never did find any), so I ended up wishing I had just gone ahead and bought this entire kit. We ended up making do with white balloons and guess what? Nobody cared.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

As for other Office-themed party decorations, I used my light box for the Welcome to Scranton, PA sign. I first saw the lightbox on Tilly’s blog and knew I needed one of my own.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

The Office-Themed Party Decorations

It Is Your Birthday Sign

Along with barely blown up balloons and crepe paper (from the episode when Dwight and Jim plan Kelly’s party).

Cardboard Vending Machine

So many jokes, conversations, and sometimes tears take place at the office vending machine. As it turns out there are tons of DIY vending machine ideas online. We weren’t worried about it functioning, we just wanted it to look like a vending machine. Hezekiah got a few ideas online and made this cool vending machine with a hot glue gun and cardboard. I covered it with duct table and we filled it with snack items. Inspired, Hezekiah went ahead and made a mini fridge as well.

Most of our other decorations revolved around food.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

The Office-Themed Party Foods

I was able to go to this post on Live Journal and find The Office font and then print these labels myself.

Kevin’s Jar of M&M’s

Several episodes involve Kevin and his M&Ms.

Michael’s Homemade Potato Salad

In one episode Michael brings “homemade potato salad” to a formal event. And admits it was actually store bought.

Schrute Farm Beets

I just bought canned beets and served them.

Big Tuna

Tucker didn’t exactly want tuna at his birthday party so we used Swedish Fish.

Nard Dogs

The main dish: hot dogs.


Instead of nerds. In one episode Dwight is eating nerds but says they are “Jims”

Scott’s (Tater) Tots

I think this is self-explanatory.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

No Office-themed party would be complete without a stapler in jello and a Happy B-day cake with a single chicklet and the birthday boy’s name spelled wrong.

Ideas for The Office themed party.

Ideas for Office themed party.

Apollo was brave (crazy?) enough to climb up on our basketball hoop and hang out there while Tucker and his friends shot hoops. 

Ideas for The Office themed party.

We had an obstacle course the boys had to go through with a coffee cup full of water.

Check out my The Office Party Pinterest board for more ideas and scroll to the bottom for a FREE party planning printable!

Resources to help you plan your Office-Themed party

You can visit my Amazon Storefront here and find all the products for the perfect Office Themed party.

FREE Office-Themed Party Planning Printable

This Man is a Pervert Printable

Fonts used in The Office

This Etsy store has tons of Office Themed merchandise. 


Office Party kit 

A few of my kids have these Dunder Mifflin t-shirts which are, shockingly, only $9.99 on Amazon!

We bought Tucker this Schrute Farms hoodie which was on his birthday list. All in all, it was a fun party for everyone.

DIY Dwight Schute costume.

And just in case you missed it, here is Apollo dressed up as Dwight Schrute (more photos here). And here is a link to order everything seen in this photo (except Apollo, of course).

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2 thoughts on “The Office Themed Party: Tucker’s 13th Birthday”

  1. Yes, The Office is probably not appropriate but it’s so much better than many other choices. My 13yr and 16yr old spent their summer watching it since we couldn’t do a fun vacay . They LOVED your party ideas. I asked their favorites and they both said “legit, all of it”. Job well done!

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