Two Years of Marriage

Two years ago I handed a piece of my heart to a man from New Zealand. He had fallen in love with my firstborn child, proven himself to be patient and dedicated (he waited two years for my daughter to be old enough for marriage). In a day of joy and a few tears he promised to take care of my daughter, to love and support her. And then they left to write their own story…in New Zealand.

We have always raised our children with the goal of them being independent and strong. We want them to love Jesus, follow their dreams and leave the world a little better off than they found it. Adalia is doing all of that with BEN. I just wish New Zealand weren’t so darn far away!
 Two years ago my firstborn child was married.

They are living the dream life in New Zealand. Adalia is working in a restaurant and loving it (she always did enjoy being in the kitchen) and BEN! continues his apprenticeship as farrier and blacksmith. They own a home. They have friends and family. They are young and ambitious and are living life to the fullest.Sky Deck New Zealand

Kalina just spent a two week dream vacation with them (post to come soon, I promise).

Two years of marriage…and in just a few weeks Chuck and I will celebrate twenty-one years of marriage!

Sunrise, Sunset and all that jazz.

Happy anniversary, BEN! and Adalia! I hope you have a fabulous day.

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2 thoughts on “Two Years of Marriage”

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re closer to midday than to sunset. You guys have so many more years of marriage ahead of you. My grandparents will be celebrating their 69th this year – now that’s sunset!

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