Valentine’s Day

We aren’t huge on celebrating Valentine’s Day over here. Adalia was born two days before  our first married Valentine’s Day, so we weren’t exactly going out on the town with our two day old baby. And after that, well, we just never got into doing much celebrating. We always celebrate our anniversary (May 20th, if you want to send a gift) and birthdays, but we seem to skip over a lot of the more minor holidays around here.

And, {most of} my kids homeschool, so we never got into the habit of making or sending Valentines.

Despite all of that, Tilly had no problem trying out the products send to us by Disney, from their Valentine’s Day Collection.#disneyVday14 @DisneyLiving

A cute little mug…#disneyVday14 @DisneyLiving

…perfect for sipping hot cocoa.#disneyVday14 @DisneyLiving

Mini and Mickey shaped chocolate covered pretzels (who doesn’t love chocolate cover pretzels?)#disneyVday14 @DisneyLivingAnd an adorable shirt?

This year, Kalina is planning her 13th birthday party for Valentine’s Day, so we will be up to some fun.

How about you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. My husband I were married on Valentine’s Day in 2003. Since we have had children we have begun celebrating our anniversary with them, as the day our family was formed. This year we are doing heart shaped pizzas and homemade ice cream. We do go out to dinner alone to celebrate our anniversary but always a week or two later or whenever we can find a sitter.

  2. I have fond memories of my mom making Valentine’s Day special for us with heart shaped biscuits, red and pink place cards, etc. It was a fun day we looked forward to each year. 🙂 Now Andrew and I usually have a date night. 🙂

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for sharing that, Abigail! Adalia’s birthday is Feb 12 and Kalina’s Feb 13, so I don’t have much energy left over to throw into yet another celebration.

  3. Usually do nothing and think valentines is a way for stores to make money. But this year I have decided to do special things for the kids. Heart shaped pancakes, sugar cookies, balloons. Fun stuff

  4. We celebrate with the kids. It’s fun for us and our 4 kiddos. We homeschool, but belong to a HS Enrichment program. Every year we make a receptacle that the candy/valentines passed out get put in. The kids really get into it. This year my son made a fire truck using recycled materials, the younger 2 just decorated shoe boxes with paper and heart stickers and ribbon. Many of the students have made huge Lego receptacles or bird cages, paper mache cupcakes. Really a geeky home schoolers dream lol:)

    We also get an Edible Arrangement. You know those fruit bouquet things…some dipped in chocolate. This year I also promised we would make heart shaped sugar cookies. For dinner we have a half off coupon to a new place here we went once called “Food On Wood” its Mediterranean and DELICIOUS! We will get carry out.

    It will be a full day as its picture day at the program and the 2 little ones will need to be taken in the afternoon for their pics as I stay home with them in the am while DH is teaching there with big kids. The kids are counting the days down. I mean really really really excited:)

  5. Our homeschool group does a Valentine’s exchange during our park day the week of Valentine’s day. It’s lovely to see 30 plus kids of various ages exchanging valentine’s (some homemade, some store bought) eating treats and just having fun together. Our family does not make a big deal about the day, but I do sometimes like to give the kids treats or surprises. We don’t like to fight crowd or pay extra, so we also make it a nice night for us to stay home together.

    1. I forgot to mention: I love the T-Shirt. Winnie the Pooh has always been my favorite. I would buy it, not because of V-day, but just because it’s awesome. Happy Birthday week to your girls.

      1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

        He’s always been my favorite too! I’m not Disney fan, but I *do* like Pooh. But I’ve also been a long time fan of A.A. Milne’s work…

  6. Well this year my devoted husband and I are going to share a gift of a potato ricer to each other – living the dream people!

  7. We have a few little traditions, like we do for most holidays. I will read Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda, which is always a fave, and make something heart shaped – usually biscuits or small cakes for making strawberry shortcakes with. And most special is DH and I write a little “love note” to each of our kids. Though I’m not sure any of that is going to happen this year, since almost everyone has been sick the past few days :/

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