We Should Have Named Him Tailor

A few days ago I made reference to Enoch’s latest sewing  project. He decided he wanted to make  a hunter’s vest.


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We checked out a book from the library with sewing projects for boys. Since it was a library book, we couldn’t cut out the actual pattern, so Enoch used the  window to  trace it onto paper.


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We went to the fabric store where he picked out a camouflage print for the outside and khaki  for the inside. He was very insistent about what he wanted on his vest. He added two inside pockets, and several more D-rings than the pattern called for.


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And here is the finished project. This vest included an inverted pleated pocket (which took at least an hour in and  of itself) and a zipper. Enoch spent many hours on this vest. I was the consultant,  he was the tailor. It turned out beautifully.  I love the vest, but the love new skills learned and the confidence he’s gained even more. 
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