Worst Gifts Ever 2016 Edition

Worst Gifts Ever {2016 Edition}

Post contains affiliate links in case you too would love to give a horrible gift!The Worst Gifts Ever: 2016 EditionMy grandpa bought my grandma a shotgun for their first anniversary.

My grandparents…leaving Wyoming, apparently.

My grandpa was an avid hunter and outdoorsmen. Wanting to share his love of hunting he got my grandma a shotgun for their first anniversary. Thankfully, my grandma thought this was a fabulous gift and loved it. Some gifts totally hit the mark (a shotgun anniversary gift) and some totally miss the mark (like my friend who received wrinkle cream from her in-laws. And not the cheap, drugstore kind, but expensive quality wrinkle cream). 

My grandpa bought my grandma a shotgun for their first anniversary.

A few months ago on my Facebook page, I asked about the worst gifts you had received. I got some wonderful responses…and then came up with a few of my own. Here is my list of The Worst Gifts Ever  2016 Edition. Here are a few from my blog readers and a few of my own.

I love tacos! But I’m not sure I’d want the Grow Your Own Tacos Garden.  And I certainly know I don’t want to put radishes on said tacos.

One reader received a marijuana-scented candle. “I don’t smoke, it made no sense,” she said. Amazingly when I searched Amazon there is a plethora of marijuana-scented candles. You know, for your family member who has everything. 

And while my grandma was thrilled with the shotgun she received for her first anniversary Tammy wasn’t so thrilled with the hair cutting kit she received from her husband during their first year of marriage…even after her husband pointed out how much money they would save if she cut his hair!

Jennifer received onion, garlic and leek scented “Dave” shampoo and conditioner. They were living overseas in Asia at the time and apparently Dave is a knock-off brand for Dove. And apparently onions and garlic make your hair lustrous.



I personally applaud Playmobil for accurately depicting my Summer Fun! Not only do I do “regular laundry” during the summer, but also Summer Fun laundry which includes:  towels, swimsuits, blankets for picnics and more. The only thing I’m disappointed about is I don’t have the awesome uniform or cart. It’s hard to know which is worse…giving this to a kid (since this just reinforces their idea of mom’s summer fun) or an actual mom.

One reader received a 5-pound block of turtle meat. They couldn’t bring them self to eat it.  A  better idea might be this Snapping Turtle Jerky from the Newport Jerky Company. No need to spend hours searching Pinterest for turtle meat recipes.


Now, I have eight sons and a husband…I guess that makes eight “dudes” in my life. Personally, I prefer not to think about their bathroom habits. Any of them. As a woman, I like to keep some mystery and intrigue in my personal habits and prefer my husband do the same. If he needs Dude Wipes, I don’t want to know about it. And besides, we have a septic system so these would be the worst thing ever. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. 

Inspirational ideas for a fun Elvis party.

And of course, who could forget that Enoch gave Tucker hemorrhoid cream for his 11th birthday? 


Dogs can’t talk, but their DNA can!

This wisdom panel will screen your dog’s DNA so you can understand them better, find the right balance of nutrition and exercise and “may help you understand your dog’s unique appearance, behaviors, and wellness needs.” This gift has the huge potential to backfire…what if the gift receiver suddenly finds  Fifi Sweetie-Darling isn’t actually purebred? Best not to go there…

And for quick reference here is a short list of items that were not requested from aunts and mothers-in-law:

  • a scale 
  • a book entitled For the Disorganized Woman
  • cookie cutters…with cookie dough still in them
  • lingerie from the resale shop

And finally…

Worst gifts ever: Snowman beverage dispenser

A snowman beverage dispenser. With a very awkward spout placement. I think this one wins. 

Lemonade, anyone?

So there you have it. Whether your Christmas shopping is done or you haven’t started yet I hope this list of the Worst Gifts Ever helps you maintain healthy relationships this holiday season.

What is the worst gift you have ever received? Or better yet, the worst gift you’ve ever given?

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19 thoughts on “Worst Gifts Ever {2016 Edition}”

  1. My husband caught some flack one year when he gave me a digital kitchen scale for Christmas. He bought it because I love to bake and some recipes are written in weights, not volume, but when he mentioned it to my sister she thought he was trying to tell me I needed to go on a diet and weigh all of my food. She laid into him for a while until he had a chance to explain himself.

  2. My MIL gave me for Christmas one year some old, gaudy silk scarves which, judging from the dust, wrinkles and scent had been in her sock drawer for about 30 years. One had orange parrots as big as my hand printed on an aqua background. When we were engaged, they gave me a slow cooker which looked oddly dated to be new in the box. Later, my then-fiancee told me that the slow cooker had been regifted through the family about five times before it came to me. I still use it…so I guess all those losers lost out in the end.
    I’d be pretty stoked to get a shotgun for Christmas, to be honest. Especially if it came with promised alone time at the range! That’d be awesome.
    The hemorrhoid cream makes me giggle every time you reference that. Your kids are great.

  3. I’m a pretty non-flamboyant dresser. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters… My FIL gave me a red beret.
    My FIL did nearly all his business on trade (belonged to multiple trade associations) and had a big garden shed full of STUFF he would randomly gift us. Some things were all right, like a nice set of wind-chimes. But then we got the exact same thing the next Christmas… and re-gifted them to my parents. We liked our set, they like their set 😀 But the red beret? Uh… no.
    A shotgun? That would be fabulous!

  4. The snowman takes the cake, as it were. Drink lemonade while listening to Judy Canova singing “Why oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming.” Incidentally weird wedding gifts are a similar topic: we had a few that led us to write “Thank you for the lovely gift!” –i.e. couldn’t figure out what the dang thing was.

    1. Yes, that snowman is just…so BAD. The most surprising wedding gift to me was several sets of sheets…Um, our guests had no idea what size bed we have…were they just making wild guesses????

  5. My oldest sister was very liberal. For Christmas one year she donated money to protect an acre in the rain forest in our names. For several years after that we received mailings from Green Peace and several liberal population control organizations.

    We have 11 kids.

    1. Oh my goodness….that is funny! My in-laws donate to an orphanage every Christmas in our kids’ names (since we don’t exchange gifts) but we LOVE that alternative. Yours is just downright funny.

  6. My grandmother, a deeply practical woman, used to buy all of the granddaughters multi- packs of underpants from Walmart for Christmas. She apparently spent a long time deliberating on the patterns, bc she would always make us pass them around so everyone could appreciate them. It was so embarrassing. She also always got all of the sizes wrong and we would have to do an awkward cousin underpants swap after dinner. Really, I was fine with getting just underpants for Christmas, it was just the very embarrassing manner in which the underpants were bestowed.

    But the WORST present I’ve ever seen given was when my parents gave my sister and her new husband their time share condo. If you are not familiar, time shares require you to pay high fees every year (this one was about $1600/year plus random assessments) and are basically impossible to get rid of. Nice gift for broke newlyweds!

    1. “awkward cousin underpants swap after dinner” this phrase literally made me laugh out loud. I agree, the underwear is fine, but passing them around to admire them? Um, no….Our daughter once received a refill for a loom kit (with no loom). The price was left on the box $4.99. The loom itself that we didn’t own? $99.

  7. Last year I got compression tights for varicose veins for Christmas from my MIL. My husband was so embarassed! She even got me 2 pairs, Black and skin Coloured. I dont know What made her Do that!! I am 26, dont have any issues that i Would need compression socks.

  8. My Ex-Husband is from Turkey and it´s quite common to give socks and / or underwear as a gift. Fortunately, my Ex-MIL stayed within the socks-department (I love strange socks and got the best ones from her!) but a distant aunt or cousin or whatever presented me with underwear. In the wrong size. With Minny Mouse on it. And I met her for the first time.

    1. Socks are always a happy gift for me! I wear wool socks all year around…and when my mom asked what I wanted for my birthday? Guess what I said? Yup, wool socks from LL Bean. But underwear? I’ll buy that myself, thank you. And your distant cousin? How AWKWARD!!!!

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