In the Kitchen

Feeding a large family can be a challenge. It is my goal to share my best kitchen tricks and hacks, recipes, and organization I like recipes that are simple and delicious. I like to keep my kitchen clean and organized and have my kids help out as much as possible. Here you will find my best hacks for feeding a large family.

Weekly Meal Plans

  Breakfast:  oatmeal eggs and toast french toast Lunch: homemade macaroni and cheese, fruit or veg tuna sandwiches, fruit or veg bagels and cream cheese, fruit or veg Dinner: cheese steaks/salad/baked potatoes, spaghetti/french bread/broccoli chili and rice tacos something with chicken breasts… What’s on your menu for this week?    

Large Family Meal Plans

  Breakfast: oatmeal (x3), eggs and toast, muffins, granola, fruit. Lunch: english muffin/egg sandwiches, sandwiches with fruit and veggies, chili and rice, quesadillas and veggies, pizza crescents. Dinner:  Tacos and refried beans Homemade Pizza and salad Spicy red beans and rice Beef and bean enchiladas Chicken Curry  (from this Fix Freeze Feast– an absolute must …

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Weekly Meal Plans

This week’s dinners: Tacos and refried beans. I make my refried beans by soaking kidney beans (or pinto) overnight. In the morning I add onions, beef soup base and garlic, then turn the Crockpot onto high. Once the beans are cooked, I add garlic salt, taco seasoning and hot sauce to flavor. Sometimes I add …

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