Welcome to my large family organization page. Here is a collection of my best posts on organizing and managing a large family.

The best large family organization tips from the mom of 14 kids!

Welcome to my Large Family Organization page!

As the mom of 14 children with 22 years so of marriage under my belt large family organization is of utmost importance. Over the years I have had to come up with all kinds of tricks to keep us clean, fed, organized and educated. Here you will find a list of some of my most posts about organizing a large family.

Want to know a secret? *I* often check old blog posts of my own to get me back on track! If you have any great tips, feel free to share in the comments.

Freezer Cooking For Large Families:

Freezer cooking, batch cooking, food prep…those are all lifesavers in a large family. Here are some great posts on how to prep meals for a large family:

Meal Plans and Grocery Shopping in a Large Family

This is a very thorough post on how to begin the basics of meal planning and grocery shopping. This post offers suggestions for how much to spend and where to shop.

Freezer Cooking for Real Moms

Freezer Cooking the Easy Way

Filling the Freezer Before Surgery 

Large Family Meal Plans and Grocery Shopping

Large Family Freezer Cooking Hacks

My Favorite Things for Kitchen Organization

Watch me cut up 23 pounds of chuck roll in less than ten minutes. This is a huge money saver for us!

Large Family Organization:

Six Steps to Managing Kids Clothes

How to organize your digital photos

How to organize your homeschool year

How to organize LEGO…for real families

How to organize toys in a large family

Less is More When Managing a Large Family

Managing Pregnancy and Postpartum with a Large Family:

How to Survive Morning Sickness with Toddlers

How to Manage Laundry in a large Family: 

Large Family Laundry Hacks

Managing Lots of Kids in a Large Family:

How to Make Your Home Teen-Friendly

How to Make a College Survival Kit

How to Make a Sensory-Friendly Kit 

How to Create a Teen Period Survival Kit

How to Teach Your Kids to Clean the Kitchen

How to Host a DIY Family Camp

Ultimate Back-to-School Guide for Large Families

FREE Swimming Lessons with YMCA’s Safety Around Water

Homeschooling with a Large Family:

Tips for Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling High School: What About a Diploma?

Homeschool Non-Traditional Students

Reading Buddy Software for Reluctant Readers

Tech-Free Entertainment for Kids

How to Be Frugal with a Large Family

How to Save Money on School Supplies

How to Pay for College with a Large Family

Large Family Resources from other Websites:

Children’s Sleep Guide

How to shop at consignment stores

How Technology Affects Kids Sleep

Every product listed in my Amazon store we use in our home on a regular basis.

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