LEGO: The Great Equalizer

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  Post contains affiliate links. LEGO the great equalizer. From toddlers to man-sized teens, none of my kids can resist the call of LEGO. In our house, the love of LEGO knows no age barriers. LEGO allows my children to … Continued

Summer Camp and Special Needs

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  Sunday we dropped our son with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder off for three weeks of summer camp. Three weeks of summer camp for typical kids. Long breaks from school are hard on my son. The security and sameness of routine … Continued

The Care and Keeping of Teens

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We’ve reached a new low in parenting. It’s called Pay Your Teen to Shower. Here’s how it works: Start with one oppositional teen who refuses to shower.  Set up a shower schedule, in our case: Wednesday and Saturday. Lay out clear … Continued