2018 Halloween Party with Homeschool Friends

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2018 Halloween Party.This is the second year in a row we have met up with our homeschool friends for a little bit of spooky fun. Yes, I still hate Halloween, but that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to a bit of innocent fun. Last year we had a great science-themed party, with different science activities. Apollo’s favorite? Dissecting a lamb heart. 2018 Halloween Science Party.

My friend, Kym, on the other hand, loves Halloween. The kids? They love snacks, and fun, and generally just hanging out.

2018 Halloween Party.

Kym outdid herself (in true Little Earthling style) with the spooky snacks. The kids were simultaneously grossed out and thrilled with the offerings. This table was pretty much empty by the time we left.

2018 Halloween Party.

2018 Halloween Party.

Kym had all kinds of fun activities out for the kids.

2018 Halloween Party.

2018 Halloween Party.

This party actually took place a few weeks ago when Apollo had a Friday off of school. We are trying to still meet up with our homeschool friends regularly even though Apollo is back in our local public school.

As for yesterday, the day after Halloween, Apollo woke up fresh from a good night’s sleep and having consumed no candy the night before.

You are welcome, public school teachers everywhere. I’m doing my part to keep November 1st calm and peaceful.

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