Frodo the labradoodle is a service dog in training.

Driver’s Ed and Dogs

I had big plans for today.

Vacuuming. Enchilada making. Photographer’s meet-up. Blogging. Maybe a bit of reading.

Instead, I had a rough morning. The enchiladas became a casserole (faster and easier) and I missed the photographer’s meet-up to do this, instead.On the cusp of 16 and in the DOL waiting for her driver's permit.

Yes, that’s the one-and-only Kalina at the DOL waiting for her driver’s permit. A driver’s permit means we are about to embark on one of my least favorite parenting activities (right up there with stitches and vomit).

You guessed it, Driver’s Ed.

Back when we started our family, I told Chuck he would be in charge of teaching our kids to drive. He was totally fine with that arrangement. Fast-forward 15 years and he was still fine with it. Except he was busy working, so the job of teaching kids to drive and transporting them to and from Driver’s Ed fell to his faithful partner and wife.


On the cusp of 16 and in the DOL waiting for her driver's permit.

But I love my kids…so I persevere and suffer and eventually take advantage of their driving skills by having them make coffee runs for me.

But first I must get through the fear and trembling part.

Frodo the labradoodle is a service dog in training.

And let the record state that everyone should own this 15 mm fisheye lens if for no other reason than to take pictures of their dog. Don’t you agree?

Frodo the labradoodle is a service dog in training.

Isn’t Frodo cute?

He’s loyal.


And mischievous.

Frodo the labradoodle is a service dog in training.

Yes, Frodo, it’s doggie jail when we leave you home alone. No sticks of butter for you, Bad Dog!

By the way, if you happen to have an adorable labradoodle who likes to pull on his leash, you need this Easy Walk Harness. For real…it’s life-changing. And walk-changing. Because the leash fastens to the front of the harness, the harder Frodo pulls, the more he is pulled toward me. It’s a bit like reverse psychology, but it works!

In fact, now that I think about it, Driver’s Ed and dog training are pretty similar.

Both are scary. Both are expensive in terms of time and money. Both leave you with white knuckles and gray hairs. Both can be joyful and exhilarating. Both have an element of danger.

And I feel equally unqualified doing both jobs.

Teach your kid to drive. Teach your dog manners.

I’m not sure which is worse.

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2 thoughts on “Driver’s Ed and Dogs”

  1. AWhile back Kestrel mentioned Jasper (2.5) driving one day. I had a full on panic attack (unusual for me). My little man cub is crazy enough on 2 feet. Driving….I just don’t know. The coffee runs do sound tempting though.

    1. Yes, but he has a few years to mature 😉 I worry about M when Jubilee gets her license….I highly doubt he will be getting his at the same time….

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