Renee runs her large family blog, Little Earthing Blog where she rights about life in her large family.

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 My name is Renee and all I ever wanted was The Perfect Family. 

My dream was simple. All I really wanted was:

A house full (and I mean really full) of little feet, days spent homeschooling, living and learning together.

A peaceful home on a lovely piece of property with free-range chickens and a few cows.

A big, beautiful, lush organic garden to supply our family’s needs.

Instead, I ended up with real, live children who often interrupt me, a black thumb, and hunk of property that no one has time to keep up with.

Welcome to Little Earthling Blog.

I am married to a hottie Canadian-turned-American, Chuck and have been blogging since 2006.

Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

Chuck and I have grown our large family through adoption and birth. We have fourteen children: five adopted (foster adopt, private adoption and international adoption) and nine biological children.

I gave birth to our first eight babies in nine years then stopped the Baby Train. Four years later we decided to have just one more baby and ended up with Apollo XIV, in June 2010. Apollo is our cherry on top but he rocked our world with his near death birth experience, double aortic arch and four and a half years with a feeding tube.

Our five oldest children have escaped our clutches and moved out of the house. Three live in Washington and two live in New Zealand with their Kiwi husbands.

To learn more click on Meet the Kids.

We homeschooled most of our large family until medical issues and special needs came together in the Perfect Storm and left those dreams crushed. Now, most of the kids attend public school, community college or university.

Since you can obviously see that I have it all together I use my blog to:

Show you how to organize your large family

Prep a week’s worth of meals

Share my best large family freezer cooking hacks

Help you laugh at me because most days it’s laugh or cry over here.

Oh, and I love to throw themed parties!

And because I don’t know what to do with all of my spare time I also:

Own a photography business Little Earthling Photography where I specialize in birth and newborn photography and write product reviews for Large Family Reviews.

I accept select sponsored blog post and product reviews if I feel that they fit in with our family values and goals.

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