Duck Dynasty Party Costumes

Last Minute DIY Costumes from Pop Culture

DIY Costumes from Pop Culture

Okay, it’s true, I hate Halloween…but I love costumes and themed parties. We have thrown more than I can count over the years (and have more planned). I love brainstorming for these and coming up with costumes, foods, and games to go with our themes.

So here are some of our favorite DIY costumes from pop culture.

Be sure and click on the links to see more costume ideas from our parties.

Need to throw together a last-minute costume? Check out these DIY costumes from pop culture.

21 Jumpstreet Party Costumes

Classic 21 Jumpstreet costumes.

At our 21 Jumpstreet party, we had the McQuaid brothers, a couple of police officers and some amazing 80’s costumes. These can all be put together from a thrift store or items in your closet.

DIY Dwight Schute costume.

Dwight Schrute from The Office

This post has Amazon links to everything purchased for this costume.

Duck Dynasty Party Costumes

Ducky Dynasty costumes for the win.

We already owned everything here except the fake beads.

For more ideas check out our Duck Dynasty Party.

Napoleon Dynamite party ideas. From snacks, to games, to costumes, we have it all!

Napoleon Dynamite party ideas. From snacks, to games, to costumes, we have it all!

Napoleon Dynamite never goes out of style.

We already owned everything for Apollo’s Kip costume except for the glasses. For more ideas check out our Napoleon Dynamite party.

Hunger games costume ideas.

Hunger games costumes. Seneca Crane costume.

Hunger Games costume ideas.

There are endless ways you can go with Hunger Games costumes.

From the tributes to citizens from the capital. You can very likely throw a costume together from items you already own.

Click here for more Hunger Games costume ideas.

It themed costume. Georgie costume from It.

There is nothing more simple than a Georgie costume from the movie It. We already

We already owned the raincoat so all we needed to add was the balloons and a couple paper boats!

Boxtroll costumes.

Boxtroll costumes are literally as easy as a box. Anyone can pull this off.

Anyone can pull this off by simply digging through their recycling bin.

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? Do you do homemade costumes or store-bought?






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  1. I always thought theme parties were lame or not worthy the effort. But you make them seem very fun! Can’t wait to throw one myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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