A warning about the iPhone X.

A Warning About the iPhone X and Why I Can’t Afford Free

A Warning About the iPhone X and Why I Can’t Afford Free

A warning about the iPhone X.

My grandma used to tell telemarketers and salesmen, “I can’t afford free”. This is an awesome line I now use frequently. When you are a kid, free is AMAZING. When you are an adult you suddenly realize that free isn’t so free. Or affordable.

Case in point. I have this friend, Jen, who’s pretty much my photography hero. Mainly because she can get more than four inches away from her kids out in public. Mine tend to stick to me like Thinking Putty sticks to eyelashes.

So when Jen invited me out to coffee (coffee + friendship + photography talk) I thought to myself, “what could possibly go wrong?” Little did I know.

I walked into Woods Coffee expecting to talk shop and sip my favorite elixir. Jen was already seated and graciously offered to buy me coffee. And a snack. I am so innocent and trusting, I accepted both. A cappuccino and monster cookie. What could be better? I grabbed my vittles and plunked myself down next to Jen so we could get caught up.

Coffee at Village Books

Then it started. I can only assume she secretly works for both Apple and Moment. And if I have to disclose affiliate links on this blog (PSA: THIS POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS) shouldn’t she have to disclose to me while buying me coffee? (PSA: RENEE I AM ABOUT TO MAKE YOU SPEND A LOT OF MONEY).

But she didn’t disclose.

And here is how it all went down…

Jen showed me all the fancy features on her new iPhone X (like portrait mode in the 12-megapixel camera). She showed me the Moment lens she had purchased for her phone. This lens attaches to the Magical Moment Case she has also purchased for her iPhone X. Then she told me about the gimble her husband bought her for Mother’s Day so she could make videos, minus the camera shake. She showed me the pictures she had taken and told me how great the quality was on the iPhone.

Then she said, “But I don’t need any of that and $1,000 is a lot of money for a phone.”

“But you’re not spending $1,000 on a phone! You and I, for whatever reason, feel the need to document our lives. Taking pictures is how we express ourselves. You are going to use that to make beautiful videos as memories of your children’s childhood. This isn’t a phone, or a camera, it’s a tool for storytelling.”

A warning about the iPhone X.

Even as the words came out of my mouth I realized it was too late. I am a storyteller. Sometimes I use words, sometimes photos, sometimes both. Like it or not, Jen and I are storytellers.

I knew when I left the coffee shop that I would be purchasing an iPhone X*.

The funny thing? I am not a person who needs (or even wants) the best and newest technology. In fact, my last iPhone (which is necessary for my business) was the cheapest one I could buy, the iPhone SE with a price tag of $399.

Warning about the iPhone X: Purchasing the iPhone X may result in you buying more photography equipment, taking more photos, venturing into videos, and capturing more memories. 

A warning about the iPhone X.

But now. Now I own the iPhone X, this Moment lens, and this amazing Movi Gimble. I knew after watching this review, that Movi was the gimble for me. And, for those of you who are also storytellers, I have been using the Focos app which allows me to adjust the aperture of a photo (as long as it was shot in Portrait mode), the Lightroom app, and the Moment app.

A warning about the iPhone X.

Here’s to more storytelling and perhaps a weekly vlog! And here’s my PSA: if Jen ever invites you out for coffee politely decline. The fact is, you probably can’t afford free coffee from Jen.

What would you like to see us vlog about?

*But Renee, how can you afford this? Aren’t you guys paying off debt? Why yes, we are, but an iPhone is essential to my business as is a camera and lenses. My business and person funds don’t mix except when I am paying myself a salary. 



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