Whatcom County Staycation

This week the stars have all aligned just right. By some miracle: nice weather came together with time off work for Chuck and Spring Break for the kids…what are the chances? Next to nothing. Chuck works in construction which means the nicer the weather the more he works. We decided to turn this miraculous turn of events into little staycation for our family. We discussed surprising the kids with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge, but the details of that just didn’t work out. And you know what? I’m glad it didn’t. For far less money we have treated the kids and enjoyed some  great family time together. 

It all started on Thursday, after a morning spent making many fruitless phone calls to people who were unfailingly rude to me. I sometimes wonder, do these people get paid extra for being rude? Or do they just enjoy crushing already fragile,  defeated souls? I don’t know. I do know, it ended with me in bed, midday, crying in my dark room. I am struggling enough without having people make me feel like trash. I didn’t cause these problems…I’m trying to help. And if you know me, I am not a crier. At all. But there, now you know. That is how helpless and defeated I felt.

But then I got up, as I always do, and we decided to enjoy the day with the six children who were home (Mordecai, Jubilee, Hezekiah, Avi, Tucker and Apollo). 

Enjoy a fun staycation in Whatcom County. Bellingham Marine Center is a great place to visit with kids!

We started with a trip to the Marine Life Center. It is small, but contains a variety of local sea life, and a touch tank. What kid doesn’t love a touch tank? This group of children had never been before and they really enjoyed the experience. 

Enjoy a fun staycation in Whatcom County. Boomer's Drive is a great place to dine!

And also of great appeal to all the kids is this underwater dome, where they can actually stick their head into one of the aquariums. Seriously, what kid wouldn’t love this? Well, a claustrophobic one, I suppose. And one who hates sea creatures. But my kids? My kids loved it.

Enjoy a fun staycation in Whatcom County. Bellingham Marine Center is a great place to visit with kids!

After that we headed to a nearby park. After a winter of cool, damp rain and clouds, clouds and more clouds, we all appreciate the sunshine. We had no agenda other than to get outside and enjoy the sun and family. 

Enjoy a fun staycation in Whatcom County. Boomer's Drive is a great place to dine!

Next up was a trip to Boomer’s Drive-In. You need to understand, we never go to restaurants as a family. Never. We sometimes take individual kids out, but never as a family. But with only six kids, this was a breeze and the kids were delighted. It was so much fun to surprise them with this.

Enjoy a fun staycation in Whatcom County. Boomer's Drive is a great place to dine!

After dinner we came home and watched The Force Awakens (affiliate link).  My kids are literally the only ones in their classes who haven’t seen the movie. So we rectified that. I still don’t understand the Star Wars fascination, but hey, it make a nice end to a family day.

The next day, Chuck kindly took the kids to Deception Pass. This gave me a day alone to do whatever I wanted. In this case, I did laundry, ran some errands alone and watched a movie while I edited photos. It was wonderful. When they came  home that afternoon, I took Mordecai out to visit his new kitten (who isn’t quite old enough to come home) while Chuck dropped Avi and Jubilee off at a church event. Next, I picked up Enoch from a camp he had been working at all week, and he, Mordecai and Apollo watched The Force Awakens. Again. Chuck, still looking for adventure, too Hezekiah and Tucker to watch sprint car racing, a first for them. 

It was a long, full two days…

To be continued with Day Three of our Whatcom County Staycation…

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3 thoughts on “Whatcom County Staycation”

  1. melaniewilson601

    This is so great. I am laughing at the “only six kids” line. I need to share this with people who are aghast at my having six kids. I can’t even imagine the price tag for 16 at Great Wolf Lodge. We haven’t done it with half that. Looks like you had a wonderful staycation.

  2. sounds like a great time to me… my kids slept out side in a tent this weekend in the back yard.. and it started to snow.. no we are not in upper New England.. or the great lakes.. jersey got snow…

    yea ready to get that ground hog !

    Sue in NJ

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