Don’t Butt-Paw Me!

That was the phrase sweet, mild Hezzy was repeating over and over and we prepared to leave for Great Wolf Lodge on Monday. Finally, I headed over to him and said, “Hezekiah, why are you saying, ‘don’t butt-paw me?'”

“I read it in a book” was his answer.

“What book?” I asked. He held up a very conservative Christian reader we have…

“It says “don’t butt-paw me” in there?” I asked for clarification.

“Yes” he answered…and showed me the phrase which actually read: “Don’t ‘but Pa’ me”….


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7 thoughts on “Don’t Butt-Paw Me!”

  1. Why do I cringe whenever I hear the words “very conservative Christian”? I think it reminds me of those religious super-fanatics (mainly from the southern states) that give all religion a bad name. I hope you’re not like that!!

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