Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

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Newborn essentials from a first time mom. The absolute must-have items.

You might remember a few months back when I wrote a post about minimalist baby essentials for the large family. I listed what I considered my essentials and the products I bought for Adalia and her new baby.

Well, friends, the verdict is in. Two weeks into Percy’s life and Adalia has some very strong opinions on what baby essentials are. These are straight from a brand new postpartum mama.

The Ergo Baby Swaddle from BabyCubby is perfect for swaddling newborns with ease.

Number One: She loves this Ergo Baby Swaddle from Baby Cubby.

This is hands-down her favorite baby product. It is so easy to wrap the baby. The velcro means Percy stays wrapped securely in the swaddle and the material is lightweight with holes in it to allow the fabric to breathe. This is the one thing Adalia would not want to live without right now. The best part? I think this swaddle wrap will work even better when Percy gets older because he will fill it out more.

This boppy pillow is on Adalia's must-have list for newborns.

Number Two: Boppy

This nursing pillow is helping Adalia nurse her baby without back pain. Mothers have been using these for years and Adalia considers it essential.

Make sure you have one with a washable cover. If yours doesn’t have one you can also buy them separately.

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

Number Three: Lanolin Nipple Cream 

Speaking of nursing…this blog has been quiet and I haven’t been nearly as active on here as I expected in large part to Percy having some nursing issues. Let’s just say Percy has proven himself to be just as stubborn and tenacious as both of his parents.

No surprise there.

This stuff is an absolute must if you are going to breastfeed. This was on Adalia’s list of things to buy before the birth. Unfortunately, someone told her not to bother, that the hospital would give her some.

Too bad they didn’t.

Thankfully we found some at a local pharmacy.

Number Four: Lansinoh Breast Therapy Cold Packs

Speaking of Lasinoh, if you are going to breastfeed be sure and buy these! They are filled with gel balls which keeps them soft and pliable even fresh out of the freezer. These are a real lifesaver when engorgement sets in.

Number Five: C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

Adalia ended up with an unexpected c-section. She labored beautifully, handling the contractions well, she dilated to 10 centimeters, but Percival was posterior. Not only that, but his head was flexed and not centered on the cervix. Due to this, he did not move down her cervix or into the birth canal at all.

A client of mine recommended these C-Panties. They have a silicon section that covers the incision. Adalia said these feel so good and keep pressure on the area so it doesn’t hurt when she laughs or coughs. She cannot recommend these highly enough to anyone who has had a c-section.

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

Number Six: Muslin Swaddle

These are perfect because they are much larger than the traditional flannel receiving blankets (which Adalia is using for spit up and to mop up baby messes) and the muslin material keeps Percy cool (it’s spring and HOT here in New Zealand).

This blue one was purchased from Baby Cubby and the hedgehog one that people have been asking about is from Amazon.

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom.

Number Seven: White Noise Machine

Neither of us realized this was an essential before Percy’s birth. Some babies are more sensitive to noise than others and Percy is particularly sensitive when he is falling asleep. Within days of his birth, Adalia ordered this machine.

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom

I love the Hushh white noise machine she bought. It is small, portable, rechargeable and has three different sound options.

Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom.

Number Eight: Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

This was not in the plan but has quickly become a necessity. Adalia is having breastfeeding issues she is working through with Percy, her midwife, and lactation consultant, but at the moment she is needing to pump. A friend gave her a large electronic one, but for now, this comfort pump is working the best.

Percy is settling into a good routine of eating and sleeping which makes life easier for everyone.

And I have to say goodbye in two days…

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4 thoughts on “Essential Baby Items From a First Time Mom”

  1. My son was also born posterior, though positioned differently since he finally did get born vaginally. He had a lot of difficulty learning to nurse as well. The lactation consultant happened to specialize in something called cranial sacral therapy. She said his jaw was misaligned from the way he was positioned. She was able to manipulate it and gave us some stretches to do with him. It really helped- he’s 2 now and still nursing. Anyhow, I have no idea about Percy, just thought I’d mention it since he was also posterior!

  2. check him for posterior tongue tie also. We’ve had 2 granddaughters born with it. Hindered latch with nursing. Dentist who specializes clipped one, dr who specializes clipped the other. Lactation nurses can diagnose it. Fairly uncommon.

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