Hello 2017! Here is a written record of my new year's goals for 2017.

Hello 2017! {New Year’s Goals}

Well hello, 2017!

This morning I woke up feeling like the Girl on Fire. Not, unfortunately, because I view myself as some reluctant hero in a dystopian novel I didn’t like in the first place, but because I have a raging sinus infection and my nostrils are burning so badly I feel like I could breathe fire right now (you have been warned, my dear children). 

So here I am, out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as my entire family is still in the land of slumber. What a great time to make a written list of my new year’s goals. Keeping in mind that goals must be specific, measurable, have a time limit and be in writing, I am using this worksheet by Dave Ramsey to help guide me.

A little look back on this blog shows me how many goals I have accomplished. Here are some goals from  20102014 and  2016. Some I met beautifully (I am especially proud of my growth in food photography) and some crashed and burned. 

Here are my goals for 2017.


Finish my book proposal and book! I have failed miserably in this. Later today I will sit down and make a written schedule (with deadlines!) for accomplishing this Apollo-sized task. I will do this…

Hello 2017! Here is a written record of my new year's goals for 2017.

Day one of my 365 project.


Increase the number of birth clients I book. I already have five booked for 2017. Ideally, I would do two per month.

Do more fusion births. I am just about finished with my first birth video/photography compilation. I can’t wait to share it!

Increase my income from my photography business.

Update and improve my Little Earthling Photography site.

Sell stock images.

Complete a 365 photo a day project. I started one last year and took only about a dozen photos for it! Oops. The busier I get with my business the fewer photos I take of my family. That. Must. Change.


Grow my readership here.

Consistently post one review per week over at Large Family Reviews.

Create an ebook or digital resource.

Master Pinterest.


Lose weight (more on that later).

Be more active.

Take my vitamins.

Feel better.


I have a few areas of my home that I am desperate to streamline. I will break these down and add deadlines on my worksheet.

Cut our grocery spending by consistently meal planning.

How about you? Any lofty goals for 2017? Please share in the comments. 

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4 thoughts on “Hello 2017! {New Year’s Goals}”

  1. I’m using a new planner , Dream Living, via dragon tree.Com to keep my goals close by my calendar.

    Goals include :
    Learn basic French
    finish my writing project on adoption healing
    Move our family to eating in a manner that matches our values regarding food
    Develop a consistent routine around daily and weekly activities, especially around the money generating work I do.
    Plan to officially begin homeschool in the fall and determine what that entails.
    Make self care a priority, especially DBT and meditation.
    Continue cleaning/selling /donating things we don’t need.

  2. I started with goals in mind, body, and spirit. I want to read 25 books and also learn Latin. Do another Whole30. And get back into a women’s Bible study group. I am going to check out that Dave Ramsey worksheet too!

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