A few tips on how to survive an ice storm with kids.

Ice Storm 2017

I was blogging on Saturday when the electricity went out. KAPOW. It was gone and we didn’t see the light of day glaring artificial lights for another 12 hours. We were plunged into darkness (okay, not really, but I had no way to cook my Jenny Craig foods) for hours on end.

A few tips on how to survive an ice storm with kids.

I have a little tip for you (because I love you). If you ever find yourself home on a Saturday, in the middle of a windstorm with eight kids….half of which haven’t been to school in three days anyway (because they are sick) and you find yourself thinking, “perhaps now would be a good time to teach them to knit“. Do. Not. Do. It. Don’t do it even if 3/4 of them already know how to knit. You know why?

A few tips on how to survive an ice storm with kids.

You won’t have enough needles or the right colored yarn. One of those kids might be six. SIX. Another might be left-handed and don’t even get me started on trying to teach a lefty to knit.  And then there will be the one (or two?) who will tangle their yarn every 17 seconds. And it will take you a minimum of 11 minutes to untangle it…while you explain the difference between a knit stitch and a purl stitch to another child. While someone else asks what’s for dinner.

While someone else asks what’s for dinner.

A few tips on how to survive an ice storm with kids.

None of the flashlights will have batteries. Despite the fact that you cleared a shelf in the pantry and filled it with flashlights during our last power outage. Despite the fact that you have filled a bin with batteries and placed that on a nearby shelf.

But your husband is very likely to lighten the mood by walking around the house saying, “Has anyone seen the Green Lantern?”

He, of course, means this. But you and the kids are envisioning this.

A few tips on how to survive an ice storm with kids.

If you’re lucky you will have a bright eleven year old who will say, “Mom, you have to come outside and take pictures of the tree!

And then you will.

And maybe those photos will make you rich and famous  (which you probably need since this year’s cold weather means less work for hubby).

And guess what?

Today is a SNOW DAY!

Which means more family togetherness and no work for Chuck (there is a reason they call it dirt work and not snow work).

Please send warm fuzzy thoughts and dreams of coffee.

Oh, and some warm weather so we can return to our regularly scheduled schedule.

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