Kalina is Home from Zambia: Large Family Vlog

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Kalina is Home from Zambia: Large Family Vlog

Well, friends, Kalina is home from her well-drilling adventure in Zambia! We picked her up Friday night and it has been a whirlwind of a weekend. It is so good to have this sweet, funny, girl back in our home. I don’t have any pictures from her trip to show you yet because our computer is refusing to communicate with her camera, but soon (I hope).

I did, however, make a video of us picking her up from the airport. I took your suggestions to heart and you will find this vlog is full of the kids talking and interacting. Please offer any CC on this video (I know this one has some issues) but I am hoping to add a weekly vlog to my site…mainly because I love documenting our life together.

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