I have posted this image before and written about KJ, a boy we met at the Ronald McDonald House Houston. His mom, Jane, was one of two friends I made there and this is the only photo of him I took. KJ was Apollo’s buddy and they shared a fierce love of Star Wars. When KJ would bring his Star Wars figures down to the main living area, Apollo would light up and run to join him. A twelve-year-old boy and a two-year old. KJ had such patience and showed such kindness toward Apollo.

Of the two friends I made at RMH, I am only in  touch with one. While I sometimes feel guilty for not keeping in touch with KJ’s mom, I have to step back and remind myself I returned home from Houston with a tube-fed toddler recovering from heart surgery, taking a handful of different medicines each day, on a special fat-free diet, getting weekly x-rays to see how he was healing from chylothorax, vomiting  several times a day…and I returned home to ten other children to care for as well.

My other friend, Abigail, has kept me updated on KJ and she was the one who told me he died last fall.  I have prayed for KJ and his parents since I met them. An only child with brain cancer, being treated far from home in a different state. Abigail, Jane and I all share the same faith in God and it was a comfort at the RMH.

At any rate, today would have been KJ’s 13th birthday! Abigail has come up with a wonderful way to celebrate and bring joy to KJ’s parents. If you are on any time of social media, will you please, please consider participating?

From Abigail’s blog:

As I celebrate his birthday on the 24th of June, I’d like to honor his life with a little “acts of kindness” movement.  Big or small, I hope that you will join me in honoring my dear friend’s life by showing love to those that cross your path on his birthday. I also hope that we can use his birthday to remind his wonderful parents what a fantastic son they raised.  Remind them that his impact lives on and his many fantastic qualities were passed on and shared. If you decide to join me in doing an act of kindness for KJ, will you document it on your social media of choice? I know we usually try to stay anonymous when it comes to doing nice things, but this time it’s not for us, it’s for KJ and his parents. His parents have Facebook and I will do my best to transfer any instagram and twitter submissions to Facebook so they can see them. But, wherever you choose to share your act, would you mind using the hashtag:  #kindnessesforKJ  


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4 thoughts on “#kindnessforKJ”

  1. What a beautiful idea. It’s hard to imagine a grieving mother being so selfless. This kind of love is just amazing. I’ll keep my eye out for opportunities for kindness. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This is such an amazing idea. I can’t even begin to imagine what this family has gone through, and they’re still thinking of others.

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. For #kindnessesforKJ I purchased a ‘6 quack’ of ducks for them in a group of friends defeat cancer fundraiser – their 9th Annual duck derby. They ‘sell’ rubber ducks, number them, and float them down a creek. Prizes are won for certain placing ducks (first to come in, last to come in, ect) and proceeds go to cancer research. You can look on facebook – Plow away cancer & Plow away cancer 9th annual duck derby. Our friend (who is cancer free 5 years now !!) has a personal goal to ‘sell’ 200 duck for the cause. It is a wonderful raiser. My kids purchase 2 ‘6 quacks’ each year and once I saw this I purchased another 6 quack for KJ’s family. I’ll let you know how their ducks placed and we can connect if they win anything. Karen

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