How to save money by having a well-stocked pantry and using the Hopster app.

How to Save Money by Keeping a Well-Stocked Pantry {Large Family}

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How to save money by having a well-stocked pantry and using the Hopster app.This summer was spent in Survival Mode. Between summer camps, birth clients, and a wedding I was swamped. I bought a lot of convenience foods (ie: frozen pizza). While this isn’t the norm for us at all, I’m not sorry about it either. I kept everyone fed, alive, and got everyone where they needed to be when they needed to be. Now that school is back in session I am trying to get back into the routine of making most of our foods from scratch. Not only is it healthier, but it saves a ton of money as well.

Every once in a while I dream of becoming one of those Super Coupon Ladies who buy a vanful of groceries for $1.47. And then I remember my real life and realize I am just happy when my kids clean their rooms without finding any dead cats and admit that crazy couponing probably isn’t for me.

Instead, I use Hopster Mobile Rebates. 

It’s free. It’s easy. It’s something even I can do.

How to save money by having a well-stocked pantry and using the Hopster app.

All you have to do is download the Hopster app.

Choose your rebate.

Shop (at any store!)

Take a picture of your receipt.

Claim your rebate.

Since it is all done from your phone it can be done anytime, anywhere. Today I  bought two boxes of cereals that were $4.49. They were on sale in-store for $2.99 and then I claimed my $0.50 rebate so the box was only $2.49!

Large Family Meal Prep

Three tips for saving money on groceries:

The first way I save money on groceries is to actually have a plan.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.

The second way I save money is to literally save money at the store with the Hopster app.

With Hopster you can also save on household items, pet supplies, and beauty products and share these deals with friends and family.

The third way I save money is to have a well-stocked pantry so I can throw together a variety of meals at the last minute (if necessary).

How to save money by having a well-stocked pantry and using the Hopster app.

This is essential to saving money and avoiding unplanned trips to the store. If your pantry is stocked with the basics (beans, rice, potatoes, pasta, a few cans of tomatoes) and you have meat in your freezer you can easily throw together a few quick meals.

Meals that can be thrown together with a few basic staple foods:

[click here to download my pantry staples list]

Spicy Black Beans {Instant Pot} You don’t need to follow this recipe exactly. Just add whatever beans, spices, and meat you have on hand. Pull whatever you have in your fridge to use as toppings.

Black Bean, Rice and Veggie Tacos (from Together as  Family) This recipe is quick and simple and can be made to fits the ingredients you have on hand. And really, any taco meal can be quick and easy. There are no real “rules” about tacos.

Mac and Cheese  This is a super simple Instant Pot recipe from Active Hip Mama. You can also just cook the macaroni on the stove top, drain, and add cheese and butter. Put the lid back on for a couple of minutes and the heat will melt the cheese.

Potato Soup. I linked to a recipe for a simple, quick potato soup, but honestly, I don’t use a recipe when I make mine and I throw in whatever I have on hand.

Quiche or Omelets always make a quick, easy and filling meal. Use up the random bits and pieces in your fridge to fill the omelets.

Quick chili (make this in the Instant Pot). Last week I made lasagna for dinner and found myself with about a cup of meat sauce left over. I didn’t know what to do with it since it was too small of a portion to use as leftovers. I ended up putting three cups of beans in my Instant Pot with chopped onions and green peppers. Once they were cooked I added the leftover meat sauce, added salt and pepper and chili powder, and we had chili for dinner!

While there are thousands of recipes for chili out there, you really don’t need to follow any of them.

Homemade Hamburger Helper. Countryside Cravings has a great (you guessed it) Instant Pot recipe for this. If you are missing a few spices, substitute. That is what cooking is all about!

What are your favorite go-to, no-plan meals? Bonus points if you leave a link!











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