The Science Behind a Happy Relationship {Infographic}

I’m sick, again. Last Saturday night I developed a fever which kept me in bed all day Sunday. By Monday and  Tuesday I was feeling better. Yesterday afternoon I developed another fever and have just now ventured off the couch. My mom came over and put a roast in the crock pot, did some laundry and helped out. Thanks, Mom!

I have/had a slew of posts planned for this week but have been too sick to post them, so today I share with you this infographic from Happify. I am a huge Happify fan. I do believe it helps to increase our happiness and satisfaction in life. You can read my post about it here.

The amazing Happify team has just put out this infographic on relationships and I have to admit it makes me a bit sad to see that children decrease satisfaction in marriage for so many couples. This has not been our experience. I also found it sad that the happiest couples have been married for five years or less…we are coming up on our 19 year anniversary!

But, it contains plenty of interesting information and I hope you enjoy it.


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9 thoughts on “The Science Behind a Happy Relationship {Infographic}”

  1. Hey, now that was a BRITISH study. The British are not famed in the romance department and there is that old joke: what’s the coldest place in the world? The English bedroom. I bet a lot of Brits will write in proving me wrong. But the French! The Italians! My theory is that the folks who make the most delicious bakery items and pasta are good at cooking up romance. That goes for any nationality.

  2. I think people polled probably *felt* unhappier with kids because kids do add more stress. The average household goes from mom and dad doing what they want when they want to sleepless nights, no money, then the right preschool, play groups, sports, lessons, and the all important need to keep up with the jones’s. I can see how that would make people feel less happy.
    My husband and I both had kids coming in and then added two more. We’re just as in love and happy, but we do fantasize about the days when we can have date night or travel without it feeling like a traveling circus 🙂

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I agree. That is on reason Chuck and I are happy we had a baby after only being married 9 months…we don’t have any “before” to look back on. Instead, we have our alone time to look forward to. In about 15 years!

    2. I always wonder about this, if my husband and I would feel the same way we do now if we had biological kids. As it is, we started our journey of parenthood with teen foster kids then went to toddler/preschool foster kids, a bit backwards in age and with its own unique set of major stressors. So, yes, adding kids added stress to our marriage.

  3. Interesting that they are most unhappy when the babe goes to preschool. Maybe that is why you and I are happily married, due to homeschooling, we avoided an unhappy moment. 🙂 lol. The way I avoid being sick, is take 10,000 iu ofd3, and 2-4 tbs of cod liver oil. Even when I get sick it helps me get well faster. I actually got the true flu this year ~and was back on my feet by day 3, and feeling better by day 5. I had a sore throat for 2 weeks, but seeing how most people have the flu for 2 weeks I was pleased. 🙂 hope you feel better soon. 🙂

    1. bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks for the tips. I take 1,000 iu of vitamin D daily, it is the only thing that helps me with fatigue.

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