How to have the best spring break ever!

How to Have the BEST Spring Break Ever: Large Family Edition

Two years ago an amazing thing happened. Chuck had the week of Spring Break off and the weather was nice. We declared a staycation and spent the week taking the kids on a few fun local adventures.

This year Spring Break began with a mixture of snow/rain/hail Sunday night, plenty of work for Chuck and bone-chillingly cold weather so I came up with a new spontaneous plan for The Best Spring Break Ever.

How to have the best spring break ever!

Fill Your Days With Activities for Spring Break Fun

We made it exactly one day before the kids were asking to go back to school. To ride their bikes. Nevermind that they spend five days a week there. Granted, they don’t have their bikes there, but still…

You can fill up at least two more days (like I have) taking kids to the dentist.

Another day at the eye doctor.

Oh, and getting groceries is another fun activity to do over Spring Break!

How to have the best spring break ever!

For Even More Fun, Spend Lots of Money Over Spring Break

Buy new glasses for your daughter who broke hers. Again.

When I took Jubilee in to get new glasses I commented to the lady about having to replace a lot of them. She brushed off my comment until she opened Jubilee’s file and exclaimed, “Oh, you have replaced a lot of frames”.

How to have the best spring break ever!

“Yeah,” I said,  “my kids tend to get hit in the face with balls…or crash into concrete pillars”.

She then kindly looked over at Jubilee and asked, “Do you wear your glasses while you play sports?”

“I don’t play sports” Jubilee answered.

The poor woman looked utterly confused. No, my friends (and kind lady at the eye-glass place) my kids don’t need to actually play sports to get hit in the face with a ball and break their glasses.

Multiple times.

Church youth group and school do that for them just fine.


How to have the best spring break ever!

Another way to spend lots of money during spring break is to get your child a for a driver’s permit and sign them up for Driver’s Ed. That will knock you back around $600 right there.

This expense was totally spontaneous (sorry, Dave Ramsey). Jubilee told me she can take Driver’s Ed right after school and ride the late bus home, thus saving me driving into town 2-3 days per week and sitting there for 2 1/2 hours waiting for her class to get over.


Too bad a kid with a driver’s permit is pretty much my worst nightmare.

{On the flipside, there was that one time I experienced a moment of perfect synchronicity at the Department of Licensing. Thoughts of that day still bring me joy.}

How to have the best spring break ever!

Don’t Bother to Meal Plan Over Spring Break

We all know it is way more fun to open the fridge at 4 pm and pull out a single slice of lunch meat, two limp stalks of celery, a bottle of soy sauce and a can of black beans and decide how to blend these to make a meal to feed eleven people. No boring meal plans or routine for me, just the excitement of pure spontaneity! It’s like being on my cooking show with judges you actually have get to live with.

Make Sure Your Husband is Working Out of Town

Life is always more fun when you husband is working two hours south and gets up at 4:30 am. Especially when finally arrives home to eat your amazing Black Bean Celery Surprise and then is too tired to make it through an episode of NCIS.

I hope your Spring Break is as exciting and uplifting as mine!

Thanks, Mazda for loaning us the 2018 CX-5 Grand Touring AWD. It makes parking a bajillion times easier and the heated steering wheel? It’s my BFF.

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10 thoughts on “How to Have the BEST Spring Break Ever: Large Family Edition”

      1. Really? I have astigmatism and I just have contacts that are weighted, so they fall into place. I have simple eye insurance and a year’s worth of contacts cost me $20.

        1. I couldn’t wear contacts as a kid either (not sure why…I didn’t have astigmatism until much more recently). I can wear them now, but do find that they’re not nearly as focused (I don’t like to drive, watch movies, or read while wearing them. They are really handy for sports/hiking/etc.). I spent a lot of my childhood with taped-together glasses… She probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about that, but it’s sure a lot cheaper!

        2. Nicole, it totally depends on the individual. Some with astigmatism can wear contacts, others can’t. Chuck just got his first ever pair of glasses. He was completely planning to go with contacts until the eye doctor informed him he wouldn’t be able to fully correct his vision with contacts. I wore them for a few years but got tired of still not being able to see.

  1. Have you tried any of the internet glasses places? I’ve been very happy with Warby Parker, but a friend of mine buys hers at Zenni optical at ridiculous prices, like $20 a pair including prescription lenses.

    1. Not yet…Most have been under warranty so replaced for free. In this case, I didn’t have a physical copy of her prescription (my bad) so I had to go into the eye doctor…otherwise I probably would have gone to a one hour place or ordered online.

  2. I’ve been wearing Zenni glasses for over 5 years now. My last pair went for 3 years, and cost $28 total. Know what style you like, get your pupillary distance measured, and grab some Zennis next time!

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